We aim to create aesthetic surprises. Work that catches your eye. Work you can't ignore. It calls upon your attention, it makes you wonder.

No matter if we do commercial or independent work. No matter if we do a lifestyle campaign or integrate artwork in an urban space, that's our goal. Because those few second of attention the viewers pay. They matter.

They bring inspiration. Joy. Happiness.

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built upon 40 years of artwork

Our services find their creative roots in Sergei Sviatchenko’s impressive artistic archive, which has been under constant development through more than 40 years, merging pop culture with politics, history, science and architecture. This ensures timeless solutions that stay relevant forever.

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what we do


We do original design work for both commercial and independent partners. Our design work finds its creative roots in the archive of award winning and world renowned artist Sergei Sviatchenko, who is highly aknowlegded for both his significant collage artwork and the Close Up and Private photography style which has inspired an entire generation of photographers.

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It is well documented that engaging with art makes you happier. Wether you like the artwork or not. JUST A FEW WORKS creates original artwork and design solutions for urban city areas, public spaces and company buildings.

Our aim is to create aesthetic surprises through our artwork. Aesthetic surprises that make people go WOW and leave them happier, inspired and ultimately more productive.

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JUST A FEW WORKS consults architects, entrepreneurs, municipalities and large companies on how to integrate design and artwork into buildings and urban city spaces. New or old.

We consult on how to create that aesthetic surprise that makes people wonder and feel inspired. It requires both architectural knowledge and artistic powers and we happen to have both.